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-  ABOUT US  -

Food in its purest form is a right owned by all.

In order to maintain our lifestyle, we are often forced to choose between produce ridden with artificial additives or paying for the exorbitantly priced “RAW” or “NATURAL” products.

We, at Organic House believe that a lifestyle choice or dietary requirement should not compel anyone to compromise on price or quality. To battle the ever-growing menace of carcinogenic preservatives, we bring you a better, healthier option of organic food & beverages at an affordable price.


Organic House is a start-up fueled by food enthusiasts who believe good hygiene and adulteration-free produce should be available to everyone.

At Organic House, we take pride in the freshness and purity of our produce. Each batch of our Almond Milk is made in small quantities by our hygiene-conscious team, supervised by RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health, UK) certified chefs, ensuring the highest levels of natural goodness and the best kitchen hygiene.

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