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  • How do I boil Almond Milk?
    Organic House Almond Milk is completely dairy-free and does not need to be boiled. However, you may use steam or microwave to heat it to the desired temperature.
  • How should I store Almond Milk?
    Please refrigerate the bottle to prevent early expiry.
  • How long does it last after opening?
    Organic House Almond Milk is all natural, with no added preservatives. It is best consumed within 3 days of opening.
  • Is Almond Milk safe for kids?
    Yes, children above 5 can safely consume almond milk in moderate quantities.
  • Can I have almond milk if I am pregnant/lactating or on medication?
    We recommend consulting a doctor for a better advice.
  • How can I consume almond milk?
    Organic House Almond Milk may be consumed as a cool refreshing drink. It may also be used as non-dairy creamer, or be added to your protein shake, smoothie, granola, cereal or any recipe that calls for non-dairy milk.
  • How does the subscription work?
    All our subscription plans last for a period of 30 days. Once subscribed, we will schedule delivery of fresh Almond Milk to your chosen address as per your subscription plan at no additional cost.
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