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Almond Milk & Women's Health

Authors: Dietitian Kamna Desai & Dietitian Shivani Ingle

The mammalian trait of humans is far more evident in the quantity of milk consumed as compared to any other mammals (or animals). Practically all households in India depend on Diary milk extensively. And the milk consumption is not just restricted to only infancy. Because of this high demand, "Dairy" is the most adulterated industry in India. At the same time this high demand has lead to cruelty on cattle and injecting various hormones into their body.

On the other hand talking about women's health is crucial. As a multitasker, she juggles different roles with élan but the stress induced by this hectic schedule has made women's health go in for a toss. And with the nutritional needs of a woman changing during different phases of her lifecycle, fulfilling these nutritional needs is a bigger task and it is of utmost importance in today's competitive world. Unable to cope up with it, women face many nutritional deficiencies & several health issues. With most women only managing a cup of (dairy) milk in the morning. Let's see if it's a viable option to continue with ...

While a cup of milk is easy to be had on the go and though Milk is known for its numerous health benefits in people of all age groups ranging from paediatrics to geriatrics. But lately Diary milk consumption is associated with so much of confusion. We have heard and read a lot about the effects of hormones in Milk on infertility in Women. And the problem of adulteration has only multiplied to an alarming extent thus posing far greater health issues.

Some excerpts from various researches have been given below :

** The bovine hormones get converted to estrone and estradiol in the human body. This may lead to long-term adverse health effects (

**The occurrence of several mycotoxins in bovine milk and dairy products, because it is the main type of milk produced and marketed worldwide.They can lead to health hazards such as carcinogenicity and mutagenicity. Under favorable growth conditions, toxigenic fungi produce mycotoxins which contaminate the lactating cow's feedstuff. During metabolism, these mycotoxins undergo biotransformation and are secreted in milk. (Becker-Algeri TA,

**Hormones like prolactin, lutenizing hormone(LH), estrogens, progesterone, oxytocin, growth hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone are present in the milk which may cause hormonal imbalance leading to infertility.

**Moreover, it is also noted that 70% of the Indian population get packed milk (especially in plastics). Plastic contains BPA (endocrine disruptor), which is directly linked to cause fertility issues in both male and female. It is one of the reasons in female that causes high levels of FSH, low levels of AMH, problems in implantation, PCOS and depleted ovarian reserve.

Thus it is important to understand how adulterated milk can cause serious health issues in females.

But considering all the above mentioned risk factors women can choose a better option over animal milk and that is Almond milk 😋.

*Tasty, nutritious milk alternative that has many health benefits.

*Low in calories and sugar.

*Suitable for people with lactose intolerance, dairy allergy or kidney disease, as well as those who are vegan or avoiding dairy for any other reason.

*It can be used anyway that you would use regular dairy milk.

*Try adding it to cereal or coffee, mixing it into smoothies and using it in recipes for ice cream, soups or sauces.

*It is a nutritious, low-calorie drink.

*It is a popular choice for vegans and those who are allergic or intolerant to dairy.

* Rich in vit E naturally.

*Good Source of Calcium.

*Enriched with Vitamin D

* Dairy free and vegan.

*Naturally lactose free.

* Low in phosphorus and moderate amount of potassium.

So it can become a good alternative over animal milk.

A little vigilance and change in habits can help us save from a number of health and fertility issues. This Women's Day do try this yummy alternative which we are sure you will love.

At Organic House, we realize it's not just enough to lay out all the science. But also try to come up with ways to help you incorporate healthier eating (and drinking 😜) into your life as seamlessly as possible. Wish you a very Happy Woman's Day !!


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